Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kitty Cats!

Here are the cats to go along with your Yasmine papercraft! A little harder than usual because it's cylindrical and both ends are to be closed. For easier assembly, use a glue with a faster drying time than Elmer's glue.

I just re-textured the papercraft cat from here. Also changed the feet to so that both sides will have color on it. You can rescale it using Foxit pdf reader to make it smaller.

Really confusing Assembly Instructions: Cut the template. Fold and glue the ears, tail and feet. Pre-curl (is that even a word?) the body by running it along a side of the table so it will curve easily. Insert the feet through the slits at the bottom of the body. Glue the body to form a elliptical cylinder. Close the model by gluing the face and the butt to the body.

Template: Download

Enjoy papercrafting!