Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yasmine (catvshuman) Papercraft

I love Yasmine's comics! I check every morning if she made a new one. :)
Visit her at catversushuman!

Here's a Yasmine papercraft. I used the Felpurr Class of Heroes papercraft as a template.

Instruction: First print the front pdf file then print the back pdf at the back of your paper (this is so that the hair will have color on both sides). Form the head, hair, body an feet. Attach the arms at the top of the body. Attach head to the hair. Attach legs to the body and try to make it stand to see if it's not wobbly. Adjust until you get it right and let the glue dry. Attach the head to the body. Start at the center of the bottom of the head and adjust the position of the body until it won't topple over.

Template: Front Back

And my instructable on how to make a Homemade Scriber for your papercraft scoring needs.

Enjoy papercrafting!


  1. hi i saw this post it in cat vs human gruop of facebook and i like to know if you can help... i want to do a papercraft of my boyfriend. But i can't find nothing. i left you my e-mail. sorry about my english hahahaha

  2. nice job :D saw it too sa CvsH FB page

  3. would you mind posting instructions for this one? i'm so confused as to what the back part of the template is for, and i've never really done paper crafts either.