Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yasmine (catvshuman) Papercraft

I love Yasmine's comics! I check every morning if she made a new one. :)
Visit her at catversushuman!

Here's a Yasmine papercraft. I used the Felpurr Class of Heroes papercraft as a template.

Instruction: First print the front pdf file then print the back pdf at the back of your paper (this is so that the hair will have color on both sides). Form the head, hair, body an feet. Attach the arms at the top of the body. Attach head to the hair. Attach legs to the body and try to make it stand to see if it's not wobbly. Adjust until you get it right and let the glue dry. Attach the head to the body. Start at the center of the bottom of the head and adjust the position of the body until it won't topple over.

Template: Front Back

And my instructable on how to make a Homemade Scriber for your papercraft scoring needs.

Enjoy papercrafting!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Porcupine Pen Holder

Here is a porcupine pen holder papercraft I made. Actually there's no porcupines in my country so it might not actually look like a real one.

I made this using 200gsm paper and I glued black construction paper at the back so that the inside of the porcupine will be black. It won't close properly because of the thickness. Maybe a 100gsm paper would do if you're going to do it this way.

Note: Attach (1) and (2) first to (3) then close at the bottom.

Template and more pictures after the cut.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Patapon logo

Here is the Patapon logo as a papercraft! Patapon is a rhythm game for the PSP.

It was really challenging to design the eye part. I tweaked and printed it again and again until it was just right. If anyone has a better method other than the one I did, please do tell me how. I have now massive respect to all the paper modelers out there!

I made this by printing a blank template in 200gsm paper and painted it black. Printed out the eye portion and glued it to the body.

Colored template (Letter):

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Colored Robot

Here's the colored version of one of my previous posts, Blank Robot. The design is pretty much the same as the one I drew by hand.

Template (Letter):


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mini Witch's Hat

To celebrate Halloween, I made a mini witch's hat for my cats. I also took pictures of our neighbor's cats with the hat. 3 out of 5 cats tried to destroy it. So I'm really happy about the quality of the papercraft.

I made it by printing the template in white paper (200 gsm). Assembled it then painted it black using acrylic paint. I added ribbons so I can tie it around their head.

More cat pictures and template after the cut.

My cats: