Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pacman Ghosts

Yo! I wanted to make a ghost as a decoration for my desk at the office this Halloween. And I thought I would easily find a pixelated pacman template but couldn't find any. So I quickly 3d modeled this in Sketchup by tracing a reference image and extruding the face. I made the one below by removing the color from the file and printing it on colored paper.

A4 Template: Blue | Red | Pink | Orange
Instructions: None. I know you're going to get angry with me when you see how confusing I made the assembly for this. But alternating tabs made it fit nicely together even with half-a**ed scoring and cutting (Look ma, no ruler!). I do have numbered marks telling where you should glue some of the tabs.

And for non-paper Halloween decoration, here is the spider that took me a month to make. Please excuse my mother's noob skillz in web placement. Now random passersby are taking their picture at our house's gate. :)



PS. Red in printer is still dead. Canon people if you're reading this, please send me a printer so I can make more papercrafts. :D

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  1. why do need toner? print the template on white paper in black and white and cut it out on coloured card