Saturday, September 28, 2013

Blog Update

Oh God! It has been almost 2 years since I updated this site. So what have I been up to? Answer: Nothing much. Oh, but I was asked by my boyfriend to make a papercraft of the road train project of DOST (sister project of the AGT) after the 3D printed model didn't get delivered on time for the NSTW exhibit. I was just given 2 days to design it and in the end I gave the guys in DOST the template and instructions to make it. They did pretty well given that this is their first papercraft and they had to build 6 coaches. But I'm not surprised as some of them are Gundam kit builders. Someone just made a mistake in building the model below, the other half of the back coach was attached incorrectly. I used my Google foo in finding a video of the working model but to no avail, sorry guys. You just have to take my word that it does move. ;P

Will I ever release the template for this? Maybe. It really doesn't look much like the real thing and the chassis isn't modeled yet. And I really should resize this, 1 coach is 2 A4s in length. We'll see in the future.

But look here, it's  Batman!

Thanks to Ninjatoes for making such a great model! Here is the link to the template. It was my first time making a more complex model but this was a joy to make (except the hands). People at the office thought it was plastic and said that the belt is a really nice touch. Though, I'm pretty baffled why it came out so dark, now it looks like a cross from the TNBA Batman and the TAS Batman. Batman fans, please don't kill me.

Peace out!

P.S. I'm curious, does anyone really build my models? Send pictures so I can see them too. :D


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